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   Mostly Maya;

   An Exploration of Travel

  Among the Maya


Mostly Maya is geared toward both present and would be travelers among the Maya, who are interested in understanding more of the culture and archaeological sites that they could pass through in these regions.  It is also geared toward those who are interested in finding out ways to make budget travel in the Maya areas in Mesoamerica simpler, better and less harmful to the environment.  In this effort, I look for links and other information that will be relevant to planning an inexpensive trip via the Internet, though this is best done  using the additional advice of a good guide book, such as Rough Guide or Lonely Planet. I also look for better ways to get to some of the more difficult locations by actually going to them and seeing what works best. If you know good directions for getting to especially any of the more obscure Maya ruin sites, please e-mail the info.  Read about this site not trading links with anyone.      In case anyone is wondering what is going on with me, here is my current cancer survivor tale ______________________________________________________________________________

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Check out the The Classic Maya Place Name Data Base by Alexander Tokovinine

Ball Court Discovered near Merida, Mexico



Dios bo'otik to the late John Montgomery for his very kind permission to

use his glyph drawings on this website. See an excellent book by him.


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The site is a hobby and it takes no ads; I won't even answer such a request. I do not trade links. If you want to list mine and yours is a respectable website that is relevant to the Maya, go ahead. I will look at yours to see if it is relevant to this sort of travel in Maya areas, but I will not trade.




Looking for non-trashy hotels in Maya areas

The Maya World has enough empty plastic bottles trashing up its lands. Do  you know of any affordable and comfortable hotels in Maya areas that provides bulk drinking water, either with free refills or for a reasonable charge?   Get it listed here, along with what level of service it provides. 


This website is my excuse to my wife for traveling in Maya areas annually.  I note mostly local sources, with a preference for inexpensive  hotels, local tours and other local services that look useful to low budget travelers. I can't be everywhere, so I welcome outside information.  I find it better to deal directly with locally owned agencies and businesses where possible, because they are more likely to keep both income and profits within the local economies. I also plug places or services that I like while traveling in Maya areas.  You will also find pages or info that I add for commercial and non-commercial places that are worthwhile, but which have no website. 








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